Monday, September 20, 2010

View The Fork Jewelry Making Video

Another example of a fabulous bracelet made from a simple fork
I apoligize that I haven't been able to get the quick video showing how to make these wonderful bracelets up on this site. To view the fast video simply CLICK HERE.

My own technical abilities apparently need more tweeking than I thought. In any event, I've been given the opportunity to review the DVD product on this jewelry making method and wanted to share my review thoughts with you.

This DVD is called, Making Fork Jewelry: How To Make Amazingly Unique Fork Bracelets and Necklaces by Maryanne Cerubino. I was originally attracted to this video because I'm always on the look out for interesting new jewelry making instructions for my readers. Since many of those readers are new to jewelry making, making fork jewelry presented a very unique method for starting out. While I specialize in making wire jewelry, a lot of my readers are also beaders wanting to extend their skills into metalsmithing and wire is sort of a natural next step.

So when I found this fork jewelry making instruction, I have to admit I was delighted because it allows anyone an excellent entry point into making pieces of jewelry that are neither beads or wire but also quite simple to make. NO HEATING OR ANNEALING IS REQUIRED. Which surprised me. Again, anyone can make these beautiful bracelets or necklaces using only a few tools.

Anyway, on to my review: Making Fork Bracelets and Necklaces is pretty much of a slam dunk if you follow this very comprehensive video. Ms. Cherabino knows her stuff and demonstrates it beautifully in her video. She begins with quick instruction on the few tools needed throughout the process. She has you follow her thru the entire creation of two fork bracelets, including adding any stones you choose and then finishes the video by showing you how to make an equally easy neckpiece. This is a very thorough DVD showing how to hammer out the fork, polish it, form/bend it, grind away any sharp edges and then add your center stone or bead. Having been a metalsmith for many years, making all of my jewelry pieces and parts by hand, it's clear to me that you could conceivably make at least a few of these bracelets or necklaces in an hour if not several of them. That's incredibly fast for jewelry making. AND the pieces can all look absolutely professional. Another jewelry making miracle!

Seriously, compared to standard jewelry making, making jewelry from forks is one of the fastest methods I know of. With little to no previous skills, you can actually be producing your own very unique and sophisticated jewelry in literally an hour after you start watching this fork jewlery DVD.

While the quality of the DVD could be a little better, this is a how-to video and it does it's job very well. The content is excellent and if you're like me, you may find yourself wanting to jump right up and start hunting for forks to hammer!

I also just had an article published called, "What Makes Fork Jewelry So Appealing", that you might enjoy reading. You can probably tell that this whole subject delights me.

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